Saturday, October 23, 2010

Digital divide, to go start all over again

E-government in China has started construction for many years. The initial construction, as information at all levels of government, different departments were scattered, and the lack of unified planning, coupled with business requirements, funding, technology and management issues, as well as time and historical reasons, resulting in the system different development platforms, operating systems different, especially in database systems vary, all systems "not associated barrier", thus forming a one "information island" between different departments formed a section of the "digital divide."

The roads of the "digital divide" largely limited cross-sectoral, inter-business data exchange and sharing of large amounts of data are not making a better analysis, mining, synthesis, and utilization statistics. Exchange of information resources can not be shared, resulting in duplication, waste of resources seriously hampered the development of e-government, causing great economic loss and affect public services and security.

To solve this problem, Meiran Gong technology introduced to data exchange and sharing of core data center (DATA-ONE). And has been successfully used in the Zhongguancun Science Park, Wenzhou City, Nanhai District, Guangdong and other places.

For the digital divide, Meiran Gong Technology Solutions given are: to address more than just "fill", the important thing is build a "bridge" issue, with the "bridge" to swagger. Meiran Gong technology that we must first solve the data center is the discovery process. Is to identify the location of information resources, determine the exchangeable, type of shared information resources. In this process, the main application is the information resource directory management functionality. Second, we must resolve to use the process. That is, the exchange of information resources, storage. That is, how to set up exchange platforms and central databases.

Therefore, Meiran Gong technology data center (DATA-ONE) include Meiran Gong Information Catalog Management System (DATA-DIR) and Meiran Gong data exchange middleware (DATA-EXC). As a core data center solution will be effective inter-departmental data sharing, data transfer interface, data transmit, data collection and other issues. In order to achieve cross-system, inter-departmental data exchange, sharing; support data across the system, an integrated cross-sectoral applications; protection data security; through the integration of data resource directory system, unification of data management objectives.

Meiran Gong Information Resource Directory Management System (DATA-DIR) in accordance with uniform standards on all types of information resources to achieve the classification, description, registration, identification, search, processing, display, application and management for the decentralized units, heterogeneous systems , heterogeneous databases to provide information resources sharing and exchange of basic support services, information resources, to achieve recognition, navigation and positioning services.
By Meiran Gong data exchange middleware (DATA-EXC) build a data exchange platform, heterogeneous systems, heterogeneous databases, heterogeneous data structure of the data exchange environment and management. Data exchange middleware applications can be installed independently, but also with various application systems integration, can also provide development interface. Information Resource Catalog management systems and data exchange middleware closely, not only to solve the problem of data exchange, but also solve the problem as data management, information resources, to achieve recognition, navigation and positioning services.

Technically, Meiran Gong data centers and technology service-oriented architecture (Service-Oriented Architecture, SOA), the different functions of the application package for the service, through the "Services" link between good interfaces. Interface is defined in a neutral way, independent of the realization of "service" hardware platforms, operating systems and programming languages. In security, PKI technology through a unified, centralized production, distributed system security certification service.

We compared the central database of concrete, the information resource catalog management system (DATA-DIR) compared to steel, both of which formed a solid bridge pier. We Meiran Gong data exchange middleware (DATA-EXC) compared to the bridge itself, DATA-ONE is such a "bridge." With this bridge the digital divide, can easily cross.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

VMI - concerned about the time variable model

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), the vendor managed inventory, supply chain management in recent years, a study of more inventory management. VMI embodies the integrated management of key supply chain thinking, the enterprises and their supply chain upstream business in the enterprise procurement conduct closely tied together, to break with the past for business and do not loose the trust between the co-operation, establish collaboration oriented procurement model. VMI spirit of cooperation, mutual benefit, maintain a stable long-term supply and demand, and jointly improve processes. It is worth emphasizing that the discussion here is not simply the sense of VMI's SOI (Supplier Owned Inventory), the supplier has stock, but the discussion of enterprise-class procurement mode VMI.

1, VMI implementation of the elements and can bring benefits

Extensive research shows that VMI implementation cycles for enterprise applications in general need more time, and and business process management and information technology are closely combined. For the manufacturing sector, in most cases, VMI's successful implementation of the first requires the following three key conditions:

(1) information system and sharing platform

Because VMI stress real-time, so enterprises must establish a reliable information-sharing platform, will be the key plan information through platform sharing, real-time inventory information to the network platform to deliver, through the power of information technology to achieve the timely flow of information flow. VMI also means the need for access to information and business integration between other applications, real-time, effective information sharing.

(2) classification of supply relationship management and supply

In addition, as requested by the supplier VMI support, with the same automatic replenishment agreements and business processes with the ability to seamlessly dock. Difficult to do because all the VMI class of materials and individual all involved, a company must effectively classified materials, and participate in related programs provider screened for key maintenance. To improve the supply relationship, companies need to put in more effort.

(3) statistical and mining techniques

As the VMI supplier must be able to support analysis and decision making online, so companies need to provide sufficient operational data to do analysis, to data mining, and continuous improvement of data mining technology, technical achievement into the system to enterprise applications.

Past cases show that the successful implementation of the VMI of the operating companies can have better performance indicators, such as delivery accuracy, quality levels, lead times are an important key to enhance performance on. The author believes that the shortening of the supply cycle is one of the most important improvement to time as the original variables to shorten the supply cycle can also bring a series of chain reactions. Therefore I would like to VMI in the time variables analyzed.

2, VMI analysis in the time variable

In supply chain management has three basic primitive variables is most worthy of attention: time, batch and volume. Can be said that the most basic logistics costs - service system is also relying on the three original variables do support any changes in one variable affect other variables are given. For example, the simple rule that Little: Time * efficiency = inventory, time, inventory levels is an important decision variable, time variable and efficiency are often inversely proportional to the increase, leading to an increase in inventory. Because VMI in supply chain management can significantly shorten the supply cycle, so that there is a clear reduction in inventory levels, so here I will mainly affect the variables of time to analyze.

To an actual case of manufacturing enterprises, for example, for the procurement of critical materials, the traditional mode of procurement practices of the enterprise is in the process of manufacturing continued consumption of inventory, inventory consumption reaches a certain point in time, the relevant decision-makers need to purchase orders to suppliers, vendors began to be made to order (if any stock on the direct supply), production started after the completion of the supply of providers, warehousing companies to receive and implement relevant financial work. Although the key suppliers of materials is only 20 kilometers away from the company about the journey, but the entire procurement cycle is still very long, so companies have to maintain large inventories to cope with change.

Obviously, there are several issues worthy of analysis. First of all relevant business managers in determining the timing of when purchasing more subjective or miss the best time to purchase that may result in insufficient supply or inventory backlog, while suppliers may not be stocked for the demand side (in the many varieties of small batch production mode Next stocking is very difficult to piece things), resulting in the production and then delivery must. As a result, the demand side for the entire procurement cycle will be a long, planned variation, the time variable value becomes higher, also followed by increased uncertainty. And because each purchase order must be considered under the minimum order quantity, so the company must also be a passive acceptance of supply-side supply of large quantities of small batches of behavior, leading storage capacity is tight, liquidity has been devoured by the ever-increasing inventory, materials and production order corresponds to poor. Although the analysis leading to the emergence of drama out of the average inventory level is high, but the phenomenon remains a serious shortage of material, there is the result of idle lag materials.



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鐢变笂闈㈢殑渚嬪瓙鎴戜滑鍙互鐪嬪埌锛岀敱浜庡湪娴佺▼娴佽浆鏃堕棿涓婄殑鍘嬬缉锛屽紩璧蜂簡涓?郴鍒楃殑鏀瑰杽銆傝繃鍘绘秷鑰楀簱瀛樺埌涓?畾闄愬害鎵嶄笅閲囪喘璁㈠崟鐨勬祦绋嬭搴撳瓨娑堣?杩囩▼涓庣敓浜с?琛ヨ揣杩囩▼骞惰鐨勬祦绋嬫墍鍙栦唬锛屼篃灏辨槸璇村簱瀛樺垎鏋愪笌绠$悊鐨勪富鍔ㄦ潈鍦ㄤ緵鏂规墜閲岋紝渚涙柟涓嶅繀绛夊埌鏀跺埌瀵规柟璁㈠崟鎵嶅紑濮嬬敓浜э紝鑰屾槸鍙互鍋氬嚭棰勬湡锛屽湪瀵规柟搴撳瓨娑堣?鐨勫悓鏃跺紑濮嬬敓浜э紝鍦ㄥ鏂归渶瑕佺殑鏃跺?鍙婃椂渚涘簲锛屼骇鐢熸墍璋撶殑鏃堕棿骞惰鏁堟灉銆備緵搴旈摼鐨勬暣浣撴椂闂磋鍘嬬缉锛岃储鍔′細璁″伐浣滄晥鐜囦篃寰楀埌鎻愬崌锛屽甫鏉ヤ簡涓?郴鍒楃殑杩為攣鏀瑰杽鏁堝簲銆?br />

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bitter start, the result of joy

(A). Farsighted business leaders

Founded in 1984, Guangdong Hing Fat Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd., formerly known as "Guangdong Hing Fat aluminum group" is a famous professional manufacturer of architectural aluminum profile, Industrial aluminum profile of the large-scale enterprises, is designated the Ministry of Construction production base. An area of 380,000 square meters company, over 600 million yuan in fixed assets, intangible assets 576 million yuan, annual production capacity of nearly 10 million tons, exports accounted for annual production of 1 / 3. Annual yield of 13% annually. The company's leading products are anodized, electrophoretic coating, powder coating, fluorocarbon coating, industrial profiles "five trump card." Existing products more than 200 series, with more than 13,000 specifications.

However, with the size of the company continues to expand, product specifications, increasing variety, as well as customer needs change, so in 92 years asked people to develop the establishment of the MIS system can no longer meet the production needs of individual customers; the same time in the enterprise rapid growth and development process, due to various reasons, Hing Fat companies suffering from a number of large enterprises susceptible to the "affliction," became more and more orders for long lead time, a large number of orders mantissa appears. As the customer said, "Hing Fat aluminum, the product really is the best, but the delivery is also the longest."

To reverse this situation, the company chairman and senior leadership Rosu Chen Hong, general manager and then to pull strings in the relevant departments under the leadership, in August 2000 and a particular implementation of the company (hereinafter referred to as: A consultancy company) signed the implementation of Baan IV system. The aim is to achieve through the integrated management package information flow, logistics, capital flow of unity, and promote organizational change and business innovation, improving customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, A consultancy firm commitments are made to "guarantee its success."

(B). Bitter beginning

However, despite the A consultancy firm to make sufficient commitment and dispatch lineup early in the project implementation team, based in Hing Development Corporation to prepare the initial project work, however, due to aluminum products industry structure is the V-type structure, raw material is simple , but the product mix are tens of thousands, resulting in A consultant coding aspects of the delay in making the right set of programs, although the contents of several start the ERP implementation, but in the end because there is no perfect coding solution not the end, forced again and again throughout the implementation of the suspension. Little by little over time in the past, the project has passed a blink of an eye and a half years, has not been any progress, what is worse, Hing Fat operations department for the implementation of all ERP, has lost its enthusiasm for the ERP implementation, has been completely lost patience and confidence.

At this point, as the company's senior leadership, once again to make wise decisions, since A consultant can not afford to help us to implement, why they can not hire professionals from outside of the Ordinance? Thus, the end of 2001 the company began large-scale search / recruitment Baan implementation of the professionals.

(C). ERP implementation of the real beginning

April, Baan implementation of the personnel in place, but for the aluminum industry, as domestic enterprises still do not really implemented any ERP, so for our implementation of the staff even though many enterprises have been held in the ERP project manager, and has successfully implemented a number of between enterprises, but implementation remains the aluminum industry the first time, in this case, the company's vice president and the IT department staff resolutely decided to go to Shanghai to Baan offices and another consultancy company, verify their own internal system proposed by Baan IV implementation of the program really solve business problems and ultimately verified that the existing Baan IV system, the proposed solution is to solve our problems. Meanwhile, on the other hand, it demonstrates our internal staff is fully capable of for ERP system implementation. Therefore, after returning from Shanghai, we have been preparing for ERP implementation, mainly include:

1). To launch a comprehensive, thorough project research, organization prior to each department manager concluded A firm of consultants for failure, as well as a blueprint for redefining business needs.

2). To re-initialize the Baan IV system configuration, excluding A consultant will be coding the length of default by the system to grow to 22 16-bit systems can cause "hidden."

3). Re-planning system to implement the functional blocks of the system configuration parameters for re-configuration.

After the above preparatory work, finally the official June 1 start full implementation of ERP systems and ERP implementation of the mobilization meeting held in the mobilization meeting, our general manager Mr. Chen Hongzai excited and said, "This is our fifth mobilization meeting held in ERP systems, hope that this ERP implementation process, by actively cooperate with, support, lack of manpower, then, the application to join, no computer, then the computer and dancing, short Yiqie to give the green light for the ERP. "From that point , Hing Fat people began to start the implementation of the ERP system sounded the clarion call.

a). using Baan IV system provides a "product configuration", to solve the needs of diverse customer order problem, the length of the aluminum production industry, the spray color, profile type, thickness, production materials, tolerances and other product attributes All options as customer orders, allowing customers to choose when the next one in different colors, models, film thickness, material, tolerance and other options, and then the system when the customer orders the selected product-related attributes, automatically generate the appropriate material structure (coding, product inventory, process data).

b). As the Hing Fat products are basically manufactured by way of orders, so we enabled the Baan IV system provides a "manufacturing project control system" to achieve customer orders, production tracking, project inventory clear.

c). Baan batch management features enabled, to achieve a number of products for each class of each record, track, and thus can easily discover a problem in the production process, while the production in time of the review the issue, identify the causes of Fa Sheng's truth.

d). using Baan IV to provide library-bit management module that finished, semi-banked spaces orderly pile, finished warehousing automatically assigned when the library spaces. Thus, the warehouse management to achieve uniform.

e). Baan process through the use of the system to realize the furnace formula management, and production management of each Batch, solution casting rod casting plant production.

(D) the result of joy

After six months of hard work, Hing Fat is going for a successful ERP system, aluminum industry as the first implementation of the ERP information technology companies, completed the product configuration system, manufacturing project control systems, sales order management system, purchase order management system, warehouse management systems, storage areas of management systems, shop management system, batch job management, batch control, project requirements planning, material requirements planning the implementation of such systems, and the results are obvious. Main features:

a. inventory (finished goods, semi-finished products, shop backlog) was significantly lower

Finished goods inventory as an example to the implementation of ERP has never been dropped in front of 2,800 tons to 1,600 tons now, but the stock still further decline.

b. delayed delivery situation of greatly reduced

In view of the customer order delivery Hing Fat are short, generally are about 15 days to 30 days, however, before the introduction of ERP before, often failed to deliver on schedule the situation, some orders extension of 3 months or even none of to deliver the goods, but through the ERP implementation, the status of orders on time delivery greatly improved, the general order can be in the 10-15 days range, greatly reducing the production cycle, and reduce operating costs.

c. greatly increased the number of orders supporting the completion of

As we have a "to-order manufacturing" to organize production, thus greatly facilitating the production of the progress of orders tracking, issue of recourse, after this period, ERP implementation, we obviously feel we are supporting the completion of the order situation has greatly improved, there mantissa orders The situation greatly reduced. before that failure to complete production, delivery and customer do not want to create inventory backlog has been greatly reduced.

d. the phenomenon of downtime should be significantly reduced

Through the implementation of ERP, strengthen channels of communication between departments to increase the fineness of management, so the problem becomes very much easier to track, which can significantly reduce the downtime should be a phenomenon.

e. clear mandate to strengthen the sector, reducing the phenomenon of inter-buck-passing.

As the ERP system implementation of the system to automatically button up to punish function, which not only strengthened the oversight functions within the department, but also strengthened the oversight functions between departments, a large decrease departments to try to shift phenomenon.

f. management strength and depth increase, compression of the "management level", to achieve a "flat" management.

For management purposes, "management of data lag" will inevitably lead to problems which can not ultimately determine the final cause and no way to conduct the appropriate decisions, while the ERP implementation is truly a "to data words, according to the facts speak", thus facilitating the management staff time to find the problem, tracking problem, promptly make the appropriate measures.

g. procurement lead time was nearly 50%

Previously, the chemical powder, fluorocarbon oil purchasing time usually takes approximately 20 days to 30 days, and now through the material requirements planning systems, automated powder, oil inventories and order demand directly to make a reasonable request, thereby significantly reducing the procurement of intermediate link.

h. lower manufacturing costs, estimated nearly 12% reduction, increased production capacity, estimated by 10%

As the ERP system significantly improved the retention in-transit goods, strengthening the smooth flow of goods, thus greatly reducing manufacturing costs and improve productivity.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tianjin Ninghe hotel selection Maxima

Ninghe hotel is located in Tianjin Bohai Bay economic center of Tianjin City Commercial Space Ninghe, strategic location and convenient transportation. The construction of a four star standard hotel, facilities, services, complete set of food, accommodation, conference, business, leisure and other functions into one. Hotel by the famous interior designer, that is elegant oriental culture, grace, there are bright western culture, fashion.

December 2009, Tianjin Ninghe hotel hotel management system with the Maxima's front desk management system, restaurant management systems, back office systems.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Neat old photographs - photo repair with Image Doctor

I believe we have a lot of the hands of old photos, we can use scanners to keep these photos to a computer inside, so you get a longer retention time. But now there is a problem that picture over time and will have wear and scratches, so the effect will be greatly reduced after the scan. Therefore, we will repair the computer on the photos, so as to maximize the reduction of the original photo face. Here we use a plug them into Photoshop Image Doctor (images doctors) If there are broken pictures in your hand, then you can come with me to repair.

1, JPEG repair so that the image accurately

Open a photo (Figure 1), because the effect was not very good film, photos seem not very clear, this time we can use the JPEG repair order for this picture becomes clearer.

Figure 01

JPEG repair after entering the menu, you will see the original image on the right of the preview, adjust the left there are three options (Figure 2). You can adjust the options to the left of the photos became clear, was modified Remove Artrfact and Blur Edges two, the alteration will be on the right to see the revised results. However, the value of the two should not debug too high, or the image will become blurred. When you see the image in the preview area which became clear, press the OK button.

Figure 02

2, Spot Lifter to remove defects

Each person's looks are not perfect, more or less have some disadvantages. At this time we can use Spot Lifter to remove, so you become more beautiful.

Open a photo, find that the person has moles on his face, we choose the selection tool (Figure 3), then go inside to modify Spot Lifter. Spot Lifter changes is as simple as adjusting the left side of the adjustment button (Figure 4) defects can be removed. But the option value should not be adjusted too high, or modify the image will appear after the extremely unnatural.

Figure 03

Figure 04

3, Scratch Remover Scratch repair

Photos released a long time, inevitably there will be creases or scratches, this is very beautiful effect. Here we can use Scratch Remover command to scratch repair, so that photos rejuvenated.

Open the photo with a more serious scratches, scratches with a selection tool will be selected (Figure 5). Then select the Scratch Remover, adjust the left. Here mainly for Removal Strength of the adjustment, the greater value, you will find the more obvious scratches.

Figure 05

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cisco's Chambers stress and strengthen the country

Current Cisco CEO John Chambers, Chairman of the Board is the world's most outstanding manager of the enterprise, and his leadership skills and crisis management to highly respected people.

Chambers has also faced several difficult situation, the economic crisis in 2000 is one of the first. "When business survival suddenly unpredictable environment, the leader's job is given to such change in reasonable, and to identify leading companies out of the crisis." Chambers Zheyangrenwei. He did.

In 2000, Cisco created the Silicon Valley's growth miracle, the world's highest market value (about 550 billion U.S. dollars) of the company. But soon after the Internet bubble burst, a growing number of Internet companies went bankrupt, corporate customers have also cut technology spending, Cisco emerged as the expected revenue warning, while Chambers was on the slow response of these important information, error The crash is the Cisco judge increase market share, improve inventory opportunities. Because of the outlook remains optimistic about Cisco's massive expansion. To ensure the components do not appear out of stock, Cisco parts suppliers hasty decision to place large orders in advance, and spend 600 million U.S. dollars of interest-free loans to purchase parts on behalf of downstream manufacturers.

In 2001, Cisco's revenue growth from zero to negative growth of 5% (and a year ago, an increase of 58%), the stock fell 73%, from a peak of 80 U.S. dollars to 17 dollars, the market has only the 144 billion U.S. dollars. Chambers found that the situation was serious this time, he immediately called a meeting and Prevention of senior executives to re-examine all aspects of the company.

Later, Chambers recalled that in 2001 the most difficult 51 days: suddenly dispersed investors, company performance plummeted when the Chambers were radical changes. He reluctantly laid off 8,500 people, stop all the acquisition, while 2.2 billion inventory write-off, ending the past practice of lavish, began its dramatic shrinkage front, to integrate the company's business to determine a new strategic direction, to concentrate the focus of the five core markets: optical fiber communications, content, network, wireless communications, high-end routers and core IP network telephone. While this contraction will make Cisco's to lose some market share in non-core products, but to ensure the competitiveness of core products, Cisco's product gross margins began to rise. "51 days, our attention has been focused on the useful side." Chambers said. The same period, Nortel Networks and 3M, is still in the process of hard struggle.

Chambers is responsible for the company's stock price plunged to his salary reduced to one U.S. dollar. This approach to Cisco's employees brought much comfort and encouragement. So many workers have chosen to support understanding of Cisco and Cisco, to lower their own wages to help companies tide over their difficulties.

Through these rapid changes, the Cisco 2003 performance began to rise. Coming out from the crisis has become more disciplined and Cisco Unity abandons the arbitrary aimless investment style, for the acquisition-crazy, set up an emergency brake device: Though the acquisition of Cisco again, but more cautious than before.

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Perpetually MPEG4 Xvid to FLV

Perpetually MPEG4 Xvid to FLV is a All-in-One powerful tool. Convert all popular video and audio formats to Youtube video, swf or flv to video, such as avi, mpeg, 3gp, mp4, mov, it offers the solutions to problems that many other flash to video converting tools cannot solve, such as video and audio asynchronization, loss of frames, audio distortion, the process of alpha channel, and the process of both internal and external Flash video(flv). With the leading audio and video codec, Perpetually MPEG4 Xvid to FLV lets you easily and fully enjoy the original effects of your Flash files on your PC, iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, DVD players and Youtube Video, Google video, Myspace Video. In conclusion, with easy-to-use interface, fast converting speed, powerful functions.